Wakayama Castle is one of Japan's most intere-sting, albeit lesser known castles with a rich history to discover.

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Our licensed guide will show you around the deepest parts of Wakayama Castle.




和歌山城は250年紀州徳川家の時代が続くWakayama Castle has a 250-year history beginning with the Kishu-Tokugawa clan


    The Kishu-Tokugawa clan is one of the three branch families of the Tokugawa house. The original castle was designated as a national treasure but it was regrettably destroyed by US Forces during the Second World War. It was rebuilt in 1958 thanks to citizens' donations. The Ichino-hashi bridge and the Otemon Big Gate were rebuilt in 1983, and the Watari-Roka Passageway Bridge was rebuilt in 2006. Perhaps the Ohoku, which were the women's chambers, will be next?

    Feudal lords loved the castle's Nishinomaru Garden and its tea house, Koshoan. You will feel as though you have traveled back in the time to the era of samurai as you taste Japanese sweets and green tea at this garden tea house.


    その後一の橋と大手門、御橋廊下が再建されました。次は大奥が再建されるかも!お殿様に愛された、西之丸庭園と茶室 紅松庵。サムライの時代にどっぷりつかりお茶室で、お抹茶と和菓子を味わってもらいます。


    There are three types of stone walls made from two types of locally found rocks that differ depending on the time period in which they were built. They're certainly worth seeing!


    その後一の橋と大手門、御橋廊下が再建されました。次は大奥が再建されるかも!お殿様に愛された、西之丸庭園と茶室 紅松庵。サムライの時代にどっぷりつかりお茶室で、お抹茶と和菓子を味わってもらいます。


    You might even be able to spot a ninja!?

    Natori Sanjuro was a samurai who founded the Kishu-Ryu school of martial arts and famously wrote the Shoninki, one of the three major documents about ninja. It is said that the guard to the inner garden of Edo Castle, which was set up by Yoshimune Tokugawa, was also a ninja. So Wakayama could be also a village of ninja who may have been aligned with the ninja of Iga or Koka.




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体験スケジュールTour Schedule

所要時間4時間About 4 hours


  1. 和歌山駅までお迎えMeet at Wakayama Station (or hotel you stay at)
  2. 和歌山城到着Go to Wakayama Castle
  3. 衣装選びChoose your Japanese costume
  4. 忍者体験Ninja experience
  5. 和歌山城散策Walking tour around Wakayama Castle
  6. 茶道体験Japanese tea tasting at a tea house
  7. 博物館・美術館・恵運寺・長屋門(この中のどれか)Museum・Eiunji-Temple・Nagayamon-gate (visit one of these)
  8. イヤーエステEar esthetic session


関西空港からJR和歌山駅Kansai Airport to JR Wakayama Station



大阪から和歌山までの参考例Osaka to Wakayama Reference Example

特急でのご利用 limited express

快速でのご利用 rapid

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